I’m a composer & violinist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I am classicaly trained, and my music always retains an acoustic aesthetic. I wholeheartedly embrace strong melodic writing and the use of leitmotif. Whether writing for full symphony orchestra or for a more intimate ensemble, I strive to exploit all the colourful possibilities that acoustic instruments offer.

I write for different settings – themes and underscore for media projects, chamber music to be shared amongst friends, recital works destined for the concert hall, incidental music, and pedagogical music to be used in the classroom. I also play baroque, modern classical, and electric violin.

am i your music guy?


“I need a 15-second ident for my podcast / YouTube series”. 


“I’ve made a casual game and I need a few 60-second loops”.

No project is too small – each commission gets just as much attention and care to the details.


“I need music to enrich the experience of those playing my game / watching my film, and the deadline is looming…”.

I can deliver very quickly without sacrificing production value, thanks to the way I’ve set up my recording & production templates. Once a project is on the go, you can expect rapid delivery of musical assets.


“The scope of my project is not precisely pinned down yet, but I know it’ll require an extensive amount of music”.

I happily take on longer-term projects where we can develop the musical aesthetic for your world over many iterations.


“I’d like to have a completely unique sound signature for my project, but I’m on a budget. Is that realistic?”. 

Working with live musicians and developing custom instruments for your score will lend it a bespoke sound, something which really sets your project apart from the rest. On a modest budget, a single soloist employed strategically will elevate your soundtrack immensely.


“My project needs adaptive music to create an immersive experience for the players. The more options the better!”.

I send deliverables for such projects with as much granularity as is needed. My setup is such that I can deliver music in up to 32 layers for ultimate control during sync/integration. Additionally, loops and transition sections can be composed in such a way as to provide multiple paths through the same musical track.


“I’d like something for my ensemble or for my students to perform in the next concert season”.

I started as a strictly concert-music composer. Writing concert music always feels like coming home. I also take commissions for more accessible works suitable for students or amateur players as I have a keen interest in writing pedagogical chamber music.



Expert in:

  • Music composition & production
  • Developing adaptive music scores
  • Orchestrating for live ensembles
  • Rehearsing & leading live ensembles
  • Score prep for sessions

Working knowledge in:

  • Wwise and other audio middleware
  • Building custom virtual instruments



Expert in:

  • Cubase
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • Presonus Studio One
  • Ableton Live
  • Dorico
  • Sibelius

Working knowledge in:

  • Ableton Live



Expert in:

  • Kontakt
  • SINE, Spitfire Player, etc.
  • Best Service Engine
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  • U-He Zebra

Working knowledge in:

  • Various U-He synths
  • Native Instruments Massive X
  • Various other smaller synths



  • Educated in the Galamian tradition
  • Extensive performing experience as chamber musician
  • Experience as concertmaster and principle player for several ensembles.
  • I played baroque violin professionally for several years.
  • 12 Years of violin teaching experience.
  • I can also play viola and octave-viola.


recent projects & engagements

JULY 2022

Music for several product launch adverts in still-secret ad campaign for UK retailer.

JUNE 2022

Producing a custom backtrack for local artiste to perform over at a special event. I also assisted with the arrangement of the solos.

MAY 2022

Release of my concept album “Nyberian Epochs”. The album explores the history of a fantasy city called “Nyberia” through various ages of its existence. The album is a journey through different styles and genre-influences.

APRIL 2022

Music for new app launch campaign for Expedia Travel. I wrote original music and also reworked parts of some existing STEMs.


Release of the live recording of a trio for 2 violins & viola – “Ciaconna in E Minor”. The performance features the Simply Strings ensemble.


Ambient orchestral album “A Place of Forgetting” released.